Residential and Commercial Choice Program
Choice Natural Gas Program

Secure Your Budget 

As part of the Black Hills Energy Choice Gas Program in Wyoming and Nebraska, residential and commercial customers have the opportunity to choose a natural gas supplier that offers the best price, service, and program offering to fit their budget and operations.

At WoodRiver Energy, our team is committed to providing you the necessary information to make the most informed decision for your budget with affordable, transparent pricing and a team of natural gas experts to help you.

2022 Nebraska & Wyoming Enrollment is April 1-21.

Our Natural Gas Programs

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Allow your pricing to follow the market, giving you the ability to ride current market prices each month.
Budget Protection
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Fixed Price
Lock in your price per therm for up to three years*, protecting you from market volatility.  
Budget Protection
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Secure Fixed Price —
Fixed Monthly Bill
Give yourself complete budget stability with a set price each month for up to three years* regardless of usage or market prices.  
Budget Protection

*Commercial programs up to three years and residential up to two years 

Start Saving Money on Your Natural Gas Today!

Enroll online via the button below or give us a call at 888-510-9315, and one of our natural gas experts will help you get enrolled. 

Black Hills Energy Choice Natural Gas Program

For nearly 30-years, the deregulation of natural gas has provided the opportunity to purchase natural gas from third-party suppliers in a competitive marketing place. Gas is still delivered through Black Hills Energy’s infrastructure, and they’re responsible for any service or maintenance emergencies. Black Hills Energy is also responsible for mailing your bill. Once you’ve made a selection, you will see the supplier you selected and the rate you enrolled starting June 1, 2022.

When can you
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Annual Enrollment:
April 1-21, 2022


Annual Enrollment:
April 1-21, 2022

For more information about our residential and commercial natural gas solutions, please contact us at 877-904-4990

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