Facility Management Made Simple


Having access to your facility’s most vital energy components is crucial to identifying wasteful energy usage and alerting you to costly equipment failure. With ConnectedControl, you can automate your HVAC and other electrical components for peak efficiency, identify and reduce maintenance issues, and manage your facility remotely.

Best of all, this solution is completely customizable based on the needs of your facility with integration for refrigeration monitoring and other electrical components.

Benefits of ConnectedControl ​​

Turnkey Solution With No Upfront Costs

Immediate return on investment and energy savings of up to 15 percent

Reduce Maintenance

Identifies issues and extends the life of your equipment

Dedicated Support

Our trained customer support team is available to help you
Connected Control Phone

Manage Anytime, Anywhere

Your real-time data is available on an easy-to-use website and mobile app

Prevent Inventory Loss

With optional refrigeration monitoring, you can be alerted to an outages or cooling issues in time to save inventory

Actionable Alerts

Uses real-time data to alert you of issues

How Does it Work?

Smart Building Controls

Collect energy data from HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, and other equipment

Gridpoint Energy Manager

Analyze real-time data to identify trends and provide alerts for any issues

Expert Support

Our team will help you manage your energy usage to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort

Take Control of Your Energy Budget Now!

In a matter of a few minutes, our team of experts can help you customize a solution that fits your energy needs and operational goals